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Tanaya Larsen


Hi There! I’m Tanaya, a mostly stay-at-home mom and Roman since 2016. I have a degree in Exercise Science and spent my pre-mom years working in health promotion in Colorado, Utah, Virginia, and Tennessee. After moving here and meeting several other new-to-Rome moms, I realized there weren’t any go-to places for parents to find out what is going on (and sometimes you need to BE a parent to know). Rome parents need an easier way to find kid-friendly information, respond to each other’s needs, and connect socially with their kids. Join our community!

Nicole Woody

FB Community Group

Hey y’all, I’m Nicole. I’m a stay-at-home Mama of two little ones, a girl and a boy. I manage our Facebook Community Group page and am always posting something new and exciting. I have a passion for helping other Mamas through this hard, exciting, and exhausting stage of life. I think family and making memories with our children is so important. I am excited to be a part of such a helpful website and community. I look forward to seeing you at events around town and getting to know you!

Hot Air Balloons

This Could Be You!

Event Scout

If you love being a part of the Rome community, we would love to have you join our team! We are looking for Event Scouts to help us stay current with all the events happening in and around the Rome area. Rome is a wonderful mix of the outdoors, education, and the Arts. We would love to have your help in keeping up with all the adventures families can have while exploring Rome!

Site Administrators

Kim & Lance Godfrey


Hello, we are Kim & Lance. We have lived in Rome for more than a decade. We both have degrees in design and work from home running our little business, Pivad Design. I am a Graphic/Web Designer, and Lance is a Writer and Illustrator. We love Rome and have enjoyed not only the many activities available, but also our neighborly fellow Romans. We are passionate about this community, and feel very strongly about helping families connect.

Do you want to contribute to a growing community devoted to helping other parents? We want YOU to join our team!

The Rome, GA with Kids website and social media pages were started because of a need for Rome parents to find an easier way to connect and find kid-friendly information.

To make this all it needs to be, we need a TEAM of passionate parents who can help and support each other. Our vision is to have a community of parents to respond to each other’s needs online, and meet up in person to connect socially with their kids. We also want to continue to have more information about local events and places that parents can easily find.

Team Positions

We’re looking for people who are organized, responsible, and motivated, with a strong desire to contribute to our community.

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