Tanaya Larsen, DirectorIMG_2449

Hi There! I’m Tanaya, a mostly stay-at-home mom and Roman since 2016. After moving here and meeting several other new-to-Rome moms, I realized there weren’t any go-to places for mom’s to find out what is going on (and sometimes you need to BE a mom to know). From there, I created Rome GA with Kids. Feel free to send a message (below) or email me at if you know of something that should be added; even if it’s just a mom’s meet-up group. Let’s create a community!

Jamie Lawler, Community Director Jamie Lawler

Hey y’all! My name is Jamie, and I am a new stay-at-home mom and a Roman since June 2018. Being new to town with two littles, I wanted to meet some other moms. I met Tanaya at Ridge Ferry Park and we clicked rather quickly. I am very excited to be the Community Director for Rome GA with Kids. My girls and I are very social and love to meet new people. I look forward to seeing meeting and getting to know you at a play date/ meet up. Please email any questions or suggestions to or message us on Facebook.


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