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Once Upon a Time at The Princess Parlour

I surprised my daughter Lucy with a trip to the Princess Parlour (with her friend Ella) for her fourth birthday. For my Moana-obsessed adventurer, walking into a beautiful historical mansion, and then having “Moana” herself open the door to greet her, sent Lucy into trance that felt almost unbelievable. Perhaps I should have given her more warning that her dreams would come true?

Basically a spa for girls with princesses as your stylists, the Princess Parlour has the perfect combo to be successful. It’s the over-the-top whimsy that makes the experience special. In true Disney fashion, the Princess Parlour goes beyond decoration to full immersion. From the bright pink carpet to the oceanic ceiling (with Princess Ariel, of course) and flowered walls along the way, your daughter will be transported into a magical place.

Have a look:

Dressing Room:

My daughter Lucy (the birthday girl on the right) and her friend Ella started their experience being escorted into the dressing room and putting on a soft pink robe. Don’t they look comfy and cute?

Next it was on to these awesome high-heel chairs for pedicures.

…But not without a pause by this table to choose a color.
Tiaras and nail polish galore!

(I’m not sure about all of them, but my daughter’s polish was non-toxic.)

I have to say I was surprised at how many princesses were working. It really made the experience special.

It was a princess pampering party!

Time for hair and nails.

Once the nails were done, the girls got to select an outfit from the smorgasbord of dresses (and a few other costumes for those who don’t love dresses). Despite each having their own costumes at home, Lucy and Ella both chose Moana. Surprise, surprise.

Lucy was much more agreeable with Moana brushing her hair than when I ever do. Cinderella worked on Ella.

Take a close look at Lucy’s face in the pictures below.  Totally content being the center of attention.

I’m not sure if this girl can get any happier.

Fairy Garden Room:

Once the girls were all made up, they were able to spend some time in the “Fairy Garden Room” where they listened to stories and played with the princesses. It was nice for them to be able to spend free time as a princess before having to change out of their dresses.

This was a dream come true for these besties! 

The Princess Parlour also offers birthday and other event packages, and recently opened a “Tea Room” for a different experience. Individual or group appointments must be booked and paid-for over the phone by calling (706) 409-3213. Parlour Appointments are usually $49/child, but if you follow The Princess Parlour on Facebook, they often post great sales!

Note that, as a parent, I wish The Princess Parlour offered a little more on the business end such as a website, email, or voicemail. and it would have been helpful to receive something to confirm my appointment. (Add it to your schedule as you make the appointment, as there was no way to check the appointment time). That being said, it was truly a memorable experience for both my daughter and me.

If you have a young daughter who at-all appreciates princesses, pink, or anything remotely girly, put a trip to The Princess Parlour on the schedule.


The Princess Parlour

304 East 2nd Ave.
Rome, Georgia
(706) 409-3213


Upcoming Events:

Royal Princess Easter Event

Saturday April 13th

We are so excited to announce this event! It is going to be packed full of Easter goodies and fun! Your Royal Princess guests will get her hair, makeup and pedicures done. She will play dress up in our costumes, and meet with all the Princesses. The Easter bunny will also be there to take photos and participate in our Princess Easter Egg Hunt! We will also be hosting an Easter tea party. 

Please call or text (706)409-3213 to book and pay for this event.

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