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Simple and Silly St. Patrick’s Day Ideas

Here are some Simple and Silly St. Patrick's Day Ideas to help you turn St. Patrick's Day into special memories for you and your kids.
Simple and Silly St. Patrick's Day Ideas

Life can be difficult or mundane at times. As a parent, there are a lot of highs and lows, and even some lower lows. Lucky for us, children don’t tend to remember the hard or monotonous times. They remember the little silly things, like the time you sang “Let it Go” karaoke style or the time let them style your hair and do your make-up. So here are some Simple and Silly St. Patrick’s Day Ideas

I absolutely love the idea of making a small holiday, such as St. Patrick’s Day, special by adding simple touches to excite your kids. With the help and input of friends and family members, I’ve compiled a few simple (and some silly) ideas to create magical memories that your children will cherish.

Simple and Silly St. Patrick's Day Ideas

**Remember, these are ideas to enrich your life, not to add to your stress. Do what you can with what resources you have. Some years, I feel I could tackle all of these at once, and some years the decorations don’t even make it out of the box.**

Leprechaun Fun:

  • At our house, the leprechaun visits and leaves green (paper) footprints that lead to his gold candy. Some years later, he even turned our milk green! -Tanaya L.
  • Make a leprechaun trap to try to catch one. It is said that if you catch a leprechaun, they have to grant you three wishes or lead you to their gold. Just remember, they are clever and rarely caught. If you’re lucky, they just might leave some gold candy. -Jessica G.
  • For St. Patrick’s Day when our kids were smaller, we would do things like color the milk and other foods green, toilet bowl water green, turn over furniture, hide one shoe, and other pranks and leave a trail of candy and St. Patrick’s day confetti around it all and blame it on the naughty leprechaun. -Justin R.
  • I’ve hidden gold-painted rocks in the yard and gone on a hunt for leprechaun gold. -Jennifer O.
  • We use it as an excuse and dress in green or rainbows and eat green and rainbow items! -Jaclyn B.

You can also celebrate at the Harbin Clinic Leprechaun-a-thon held each year!

Leprechaun-a-thon 2018 Bubbles

Food Ideas:

  • We make Shepherd’s Pie and Pistachio cake for St Patty’s. -Tammy C.
  • We usually have rainbow fruit and veggie trays. -Jennifer O
  • We have a green dinner on St Patrick’s of rainbow jello, green rolls, pesto/ Alfredo noodles. -Breanne  N.
  • Have a traditional Irish meal such as corned beef and cabbage, Irish soda bread, or a potato dish. – Breanne N.
  • I was amazed to find this shamrock fried egg from Did you know that if you slice a green bell pepper transversely, it looks like a shamrock? How cute are these?!
Shamrock Fried Eggs

And, if you’re headed to Atlanta this weekend, here are more ways to celebrate from Atlanta Parent Magazine.