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Pediatric Health Care

Message from Tanaya

Finding the right doctor, pediatric dentist, or health care professional can be a difficult process, but we’ve compiled a list of all the pediatric health care resources in one location so you can easily compare and make an informed decision. We’ll soon be adding personal recommendations!

Quick note: be sure to keep all of the similar names straight.  “Children’s Dental Center” and “Children’s Dentistry of Rome” are DIFFERENT.

Alicia Rix Pediatric Dentistry

Alicia Mize Rix, DMD
Leigh Howell Weldon, DMD

Rome Center for Pediatric Dentistry

Ferdinand “Freddy” Padilla

Quick note: be sure to keep all of the similar names straight.  “Children’s Dental Center” and “Children’s Dentistry of Rome” are DIFFERENT.

Children’s Dental Center
Foundations Orthodontics (Rome/Cedartown)
  • William Bennett
  • Jeffrey Crews
Pridemore & Cox
  • Ryan J. Cox, DMD, MS
  • Ben Pridemore, Jr., DDS, MS
Orthodontic Care of Georgia
HM Bush, DMD
Vargo Orthodontist
Joseph Vargo, DMD, MS
Advance for Kids
Pediatric physical, occupational, and speech language therapy. (Rome/Calhoun)
Infinity Children’s Services
Pediatric speech-language and swallowing therapy, physical therapy and occupational therapy (Rome/Calhoun)
Advance Rehabilitation
Physical Therapy and rehabilitation. Multiple locations throughout NW Georgia.
Ted Buckenham Counseling Services
Licensed Professional Counselor based in Rome, Georgia – here to guide you through life’s most complex and difficult matters. Has worked with over 2,000 families and children facing many different challenges. Specialty is helping families and children recover from traumatic events, but also has experience with a variety of other situations. I am proficient in utilizing Cognitive-Behavioral, Motivational Interviewing, and other therapeutic interventions at the individual and group level with children, adolescents, and adults. Get in touch with me today for more information.

What Rome Parents Are Saying:

  • Children’s Dental Center of Rome on Riverbend Dr is amazing. My kids have always felt 100% comfortable and it is so cute inside – murals everywhere, a great waiting room with a saltwater fish tank, video games, and a play house with movies. They also have TVs above the exam chairs so the kids can watch movies and keep still while they get their teeth cleaned.
  • Padilla. Dr. Freddy has made my children LOVE going to the dentist!
  • Dr Freddy is an amazing dentist but it’s extremely difficult to get an appointment because he stays booked.
  • Rix pediatric dentistry- great with kids
  • Dr. Rix/Weldon. Kid friendly/fun environment and they truly know what they’re doing with kids! Clean, great atmosphere.
  • Dr. Freddy Padilla! He is wonderful with my child!
  • Children’s Dental Center PC of Rome and Harbin Clinic, always understanding and willing to listen.
  • My son used to see Dr. Freddy for dental care and I highly recommend him. However, we had trouble getting the Monday appointments that we need, so I now take my 8 year old to Dr. Rick Muller who has been my dentist for many years. I trust him and like him. My son sees Dr. Bennett for orthodontic care and we have been very pleased with him and his staff in the 6 months that we have been going there.
  • Children’s Dental Center PC of Rome. They don’t allow parents to go back.
  • Padilla-dentist Awesome doctor, great with kids but dislike his front desk office staff.
  • Dr. Padilla is our dentist and he is fabulous and so great with our kiddos! You just get assigned appts is the only negative for his office.
  • Dr Freddy Padilla is the very best dentist. Kids love him and he shows it right back to them
  • Children’s Dentistry of Rome. Great with kids
  • We see Dr. Freddy Padilla for dentistry and he’s WONDERFUL!
  • Children’s Dental Center of Rome PC and Dr Murphy. We’ve had so-so experiences. My kids don’t mind going, but I’ve been back charged TWICE, meaning I pay what I’m supposed to when I’m there, and a month later, I get a bill saying I owe more because the insurance didn’t pay as much as the office estimated. This is on routine things, and I have a common insurance company (BCBS). I’m done with them.
  • Dr. Fisher, His hands are big and sometimes he doesn’t realize just how tiny mouths are.
  • Dr Bethany Jackson. So awesome.
  • We LOVE Dr. Washington for our pediatrician – thankfully we don’t have to go often but she’s great!
  • We love Dr.Kelley at Harbin Peds. His NPs are great as well.
  • Dr Melissa Davis. She’s very accessible & available but doesn’t seem to listen to my concerns sometimes.
  • Miniyar. Quick and to the point
  • Sylvia Washington- amazing, kind, listens, takes all concerns seriously
  • Dr Washington. She’s nice, small practice
  • Dr. Melissa Davis. Such a great practice, all great staff, have been very thorough and our kids love the doctor and nurse practitioners (Sarah Congdon is especially excellent!)
  • Todd Kelley, but they see NP Heather. Love her.
  • Still use Cartersville Pediatrics – loved them and the commute is not too bad.
  • We love Dr. Karen Timberlake! My son feels very comfortable with her and I completely trust her. I feel that she is very thorough and takes her time.
  • Dr Kelley. I don’t like how the office claims every sickness is virus. Other than that I love the staff. Been going there since I was a kid myself.
  • Dr. Howard- She has great bedside manner
  • Todd Kelly-he gets on their level and he really cares.
  • Dr. Todd Kelley- AMAZING! He is thorough, caring and knowledgeable.
  • Cordle/Timberlake/Jackson-pediatrician Love all three physicians bc they are all females and they share the practice (awesome role models for my girls) and I can always get a solid second opinion from one of the other doctors in the practice if needed. I also love that I have female physicians for female children-so important.
  • Dr Jackson: pediatrician: We love her!!
  • Dr. Douglas for pediatrician- very good at what he does.
  • Dr Todd Kelley. Very thorough and knows what to do.
  • We love Dr Douglas with NWGA Family Practice, but ended up moving to Imagine Pediatrics because Dr. Douglas’ office is just too busy and I wait too long. Dr Paez at Imagine Peds is very personable and caring. Her office is really cute.
  • Dr. Howard – ENT
  • If your child needs Speech, PT, or OT, go to Infinity!!! Mrs. Beth and her crew are the best!!!