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Mount Berry Mall Fun

Tired of staying home? Too hot to be outside? The Mount Berry Mall is open (stores inside have limited hours), and there is room to remain socially distant. Sometimes you just need a spacious, temperature-controlled area to wander through for a change of scenery. Our Photo Chase Challenge is a fun, simple activity to get you out of the house with a purpose. Your Mission: Find the murals listed below!* Mount Berry Mall is small for mall standards, but they have done a great job making it welcoming and relevant to Rome. The photo murals on the walls are a tribute to Rome, its residents, and especially its history. [Updated 7/2/20]


Mission: Mount Berry Photo Challenge

Find the following murals on the wall throughout Mount Berry Mall

  1. A vehicle with large wheels (this is near Victoria’s Secret, so skip it if you want to avoid some less-than-kid-friendly photos)
  2. A riverboat that loaded cotton
  3. A large yellow flower
  4. An old train close to a new train
  5. A cannon
  6. A horse (that jumps)
  7. A clock
  8. An explosion of color
  9. A baseball team
  10. A bridge
  11. An old book-mobile or a vehicle with books
  12. People holding hands
  13. A church
  14. People weaving
  15. Women playing a sport

*Note: If you start from the food court heading right at the pretzel place, follow the walls counter-clockwise and you’ll find the pictures in order (last photo is in the food court).

My 4 and 7 year old children had a blast completing their “missions!” Complete the visit with a pretzel or some nuggets, and you’ll have a fun (air-conditioned) outing for a few bucks!


Disclaimer: Rome GA with Kids works to create a safe, healthy community. To help protect the spread of COVID-19, we highly recommend wearing a mask, keeping socially distant from others, and touching as little as possible (which is, fortunately, not too difficult with this challenge). We believe this is an activity that can be done safely. Please stay home if you exhibit any symptoms of coronavirus.

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Mount Berry Square Mall
2770 Martha Berry Hwy, Rome, GA 30165
Mon-Sat 10am-9pm
Sun noon-6pm


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