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Hot Shots Cheerleading: Teaching Kids To Soar High

Ever wondered how Hot Shots Cheerleading became a staple in Rome? It all started with a passion and a dream of offering a safe tumbling space for kids.

Hot Shots Cheerleading: Flipping for the Future Since 1999

Have you ever wondered how Hot Shots Cheerleading became such a fixture in the Rome community? It all began with a passion for tumbling and a dream: to create a safe space for kids to learn and grow.

Back in 1999, Rachel Magness, a former gymnast with a teaching background, identified a need. Local kids were interested in tumbling, but there weren’t any dedicated centers focused on the skill, regardless of their cheerleading aspirations. So, Rachel and her husband Grant Magnus took a leap of faith and opened Hot Shots Cheerleading – initially just a tumbling center.

Within a year, the community’s voice was clear. Parents expressed a desire for travel teams and a program that could help aspiring cheerleaders reach their full potential, especially those aiming for college teams. In response to this need, Hot Shots expanded its offerings to include competitive cheerleading, providing a platform for development and skill-building.

Fast forward to today, and Hot Shots Cheerleading is celebrating a remarkable 25th season of All-Star cheerleading! Their commitment to the community extends far beyond competition teams. They cater to a wide range of interests, offering school cheerleading support, travel and non-travel teams, recreational cheerleading classes, open gym programs, and even summer camps.

From Passion Project to Community Hub: Building a Hot Shots Legacy

Rachel’s athletic background wasn’t limited to gymnastics. A versatile athlete, she participated in various sports during her youth. However, gymnastics sparked a passion for teaching that grew into a full-fledged calling. By her senior year at Berry College, Rachel’s private lesson clientele had exploded from a small group of five to a whopping 75, highlighting the unmet demand for a dedicated tumbling center in Rome.

This surge in interest, combined with Rachel’s entrepreneurial spirit, fueled the creation of Hot Shots Cheerleading. Initially envisioned as a temporary venture, the business thrived beyond expectations. Rachel discovered they had a real talent for this and the community embraced it. Hot Shots transformed from a short-term idea into a passion project driven by a desire to empower young athletes and serve the Rome community.

While Hot Shots began as a haven for tumblers, Rachel and Grant envisioned a broader purpose. They aspired to create a space that nurtured the development of strong female athletes, particularly in cheerleading and gymnastics – sports that often go unrecognized for the dedication and skill they require. Hot Shots welcomes athletes of all genders, but Rachel emphasizes their unwavering commitment to empowering young women.

Hot Shots Cheerleading: Teaching Kids To Soar High
Hot Shots Cheerleading: Teaching Kids To Soar High

Hot Shots Cheerleading: Where Everyone Shines

Open Arms, Open Doors

While cheerleading has traditionally been female-dominated, Hot Shots empowers young women of all skill levels to pursue their goals. They also understand the desire to participate transcends gender, and males are a valued part of the Hot Shots family.

The Shining Stars Team

A truly special group at Hot Shots is the Shining Stars Team, established in 2014. This team caters specifically to children with special needs, offering a supportive and inclusive environment where athletes can experience the joy of cheerleading and develop their skills at their own pace.

A Program for Every Passion

Hot Shots goes beyond competitive cheerleading. Their diverse programs cater to various interests and ability levels, with affordable pricing to ensure everyone can participate. Just like starting in T-ball, there’s no pressure to be a seasoned athlete. Hot Shots coaches are passionate about nurturing talent and helping individuals reach their full potential.

Beyond the Cheer Routine

Looking for a fun alternative? Hot Shots offers exciting themed summer camps each week. These camps are packed with trampolines, water slides, and other activities to keep kids active and entertained, all without a focus on cheerleading.

Bridging the Gap

Hot Shots bridges the gap between private instruction and school cheer programs by partnering with local schools. This partnership provides supplemental training for school cheer teams, enhancing their skills and overall performance.

Competitive Spirit? We Got You Covered!

For those with a competitive spirit, Hot Shots offers both travel and non-travel teams. These programs cater to different commitment levels, with selections based on age and ability. Hot Shots adheres to national regulations, ensuring consistency across competitions.

A Taste of Cheer

For a shorter commitment, Hot Shots offers “half-year” teams for those curious about cheerleading but hesitant about a year-long program. These age-based teams allow kids to explore their interest in a relaxed environment.

Building Strong Tumblers

Finally, Hot Shots offers tumbling classes designed for various skill levels. Beginners can progress at their own pace, while advanced students can refine their existing abilities. These classes are registered monthly, providing flexibility for students.

Hot Shots Cheerleading: Teaching Kids To Soar High
Hot Shots Cheerleading: Teaching Kids To Soar High

Pioneering a Legacy: Setting the Standard in Cheerleading Excellence

Hot Shots Cheerleading’s impact goes far beyond tumbling and cheers. They hold a unique position as Northwest Georgia’s first dedicated cheer gym, established 25 years ago. “We brought something completely new,” Rachel says with pride. This pioneering spirit filled a void and positioned Hot Shots as a regional leader.

Their commitment to excellence extends beyond programs. Recognizing limitations in existing facilities, Rachel and Grant made a bold move – building a custom-designed space specifically for cheerleading and gymnastics. This dedication to safety and optimal training is evident in features like in-ground pits, advanced trampoline safety measures, and spring floors throughout. Three distinct gyms cater to different age groups and skill levels: a young children’s gym, a dedicated tumbling gym, and a separate space for competitive teams.

Building a Legacy, Brick by Brick

Hot Shots prioritizes inclusivity for athletes of all abilities. However, their focus on continuous improvement extends beyond the individual. Rachel emphasizes, “We built this gym specifically because there was nothing like it around.” Their vision, combined with youthful determination, led them to secure funding and purchase within the community. They didn’t just build a gym; they built a legacy. Owning the facility signifies their commitment to Rome. Hot Shots is a permanent fixture, deeply rooted in the community it serves.

Building Champions, Building Community: A Legacy of Impact

Hot Shots Cheerleading’s impact extends far beyond their state-of-the-art facility. Their dedication fosters a network of support and excellence that reaches into the broader community.

For years, Hot Shots has played a crucial role in the success of local schools. “We’ve worked closely with many middle and high school cheer teams,” explains Rachel. This involvement has translated into numerous state championships for the region. “Many of the athletes we’ve helped have gone on to win state titles,” Rachel continues. Hot Shots’ commitment to developing well-rounded athletes directly contributes to the overall success of school cheerleading programs.

Affordability is a core value at Hot Shots, ensuring their programs are accessible. Discounted group classes for schools make cheerleading a viable option for many students. This focus on inclusivity has demonstrably paid off, with numerous state champions emerging from schools Hot Shots has supported.

Beyond the Walls: A Spirit of Growth

Hot Shots’ commitment extends beyond their core programs. For several years, they operated a second location, Hot Shots Fort O, in Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia. While that location is no longer under their umbrella, the experience speaks volumes about their ambition and dedication to growth.

Rachel’s personal journey within the cheerleading world further exemplifies Hot Shots’ dedication to excellence. In 2008, she played a key role in establishing the Shorter Cheerleading program. Her leadership as head coach for seven years resulted in an impressive four national titles. While Rachel humbly downplays this achievement, it’s a testament to her exceptional coaching skills and unwavering commitment to empowering athletes.

Hot Shots Cheerleading: Teaching Kids To Soar High
Hot Shots Cheerleading: Teaching Kids To Soar High

Hot Shots Cheerleading: Where Everyone Wins

Join the Hot Shots Family!

Thinking about joining Hot Shots Cheerleading? Here’s a quick rundown to get you started:

  • Open to All Levels: Hot Shots welcomes everyone, from beginners to future champions! They nurture talent and believe in helping each athlete reach their full potential.
  • Something for Everyone: Explore a variety of programs to suit your interests and commitment level:
    • Fun, themed summer camps (without a cheerleading focus!)
    • Recreational classes (including tumbling)
    • School cheerleading support programs
    • Competitive cheer teams (travel and non-travel)
  • Age-Appropriate Programs:
    • Mommy & Me classes for little ones (age 2 with a parent)
    • Non-travel teams starting at age 4
    • Travel teams starting at age 5
  • Early Start for Competitive Cheer: While there’s no requirement to join, starting early is recommended for competitive aspirations. The sport is demanding, and practice makes perfect!
Hot Shots Cheerleading: Teaching Kids To Soar High

What Makes Hot Shots Special?

  • Passionate Team: Hot Shots coaches are dedicated to your child’s success, both on and off the mat. They build strong individuals and foster a true sense of teamwork.
  • Supportive Environment: Hot Shots is a safe space where kids can challenge themselves, learn valuable life skills, and make lasting memories.
  • Success Stories: Hot Shots boasts a winning record with national titles, but their true pride lies in their athletes’ personal growth.
Hot Shots Cheerleading: Teaching Kids To Soar High
Hot Shots Cheerleading: Teaching Kids To Soar High

Ready to Learn More?

If you’re interested in learning more about Hot Shots Cheerleading, here’s what owner Rachel recommends:

We hope this blog post has given you a glimpse into the exciting world of Hot Shots Cheerleading!

Hot Shots Cheerleading: Teaching Kids To Soar High

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