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Grocery Delivery in Rome

Why Grocery Delivery?

As a busy mom of five I am always crunched for time. I can usually think of something that needs to be done or that I could be doing with my kids. One thing I have found that helps me is grocery delivery. Grocery shopping for a family of seven can take me 2-3 hours a week, including driving time. If I forget something and need to go back during the week I will waste at least another hour. How many items can you cross off your to-do list in four hours? In four hours my kids can play outside, eat a meal and clean their rooms. That is a big chunk out of a day every single week. I have come to really appreciate paying someone else to do the grocery shopping for me. Meal planning and order placement can take me as little as 15 minutes and I can have the groceries delivered at a convenient time for me. Another bonus is the services often run specials where you can get delivery for free!

Who has grocery delivery?

Instacart is my personal favorite delivery provider. I like Instacart because it connects with several grocery stores, has an easy to use app, and so far all the Instacart Shoppers have been a delight to work with. Here in Rome, Instacart is partnered up with Publix, Kroger, Aldi, Big Lots, Sam’s Club, CVS, and even Staples! This means, if you order groceries online and opt to have them delivered, Instacart takes over. At this time Instacart cannot accept SNAP EBT cards. I have a free $10 credit to share with the first 5 readers who try out Instacart, CLICK HERE to redeem.

Walmart is the only other option local to us for grocery deliver, and I honestly wouldn’t recommend it. I have had too many issues with strange substitutions, poor quality selections on produce and difficulty even getting a delivery or pick up time slot. Walmart accepts SNAP EBT for pickup orders only.

Amazon Pantry is a great resource for your nonperishable items! Prime members get free delivery on orders over $35, and non members will pay a $5.99 shipping fee. Pantry orders do not arrive same day like Amazon Fresh orders do unfortunately, and we live outside the area for Fresh orders. Amazon Pantry accepts SNAP EBT and has several discounts and fee waivers in place for EBT and/or Medicaid recipients.

You can also look into other online market services such as Thrive Market for specific dietary needs and Chewy for pet needs.


Initially I hated the thought of paying someone else to shop for me, but when I factor in how much my time is worth it really is worth the cost. Today my order was $10 more in fees and tip. $10 for an extra 2-3 hours saved, not to mention I avoid all impulse purchases too! During the time my shopper pulled my items and delivered them to my door I was able to write this post, make my youngest two a snack, play a game of tag and get dinner started. Grocery delivery helps to provide space for more fun and a less stressed momma. Let us know below, have you tried a grocery delivery service?


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