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Canvas on Broad: Finding The Perfect Salon

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My Hair Journey

I have spent the past 20 or so years being unhappy with every hair stylist I’ve been to. No matter how much I’ve paid, the results have all been less than satisfactory. If I didn’t break down into tears at the salon, you can bet I did once I was home and noticed how much I didn’t like what was done. Every single time, I’ve had to make adjustments with my far from professional scissors in an attempt to get my hair to lay right. That all changed today.

My husband and I were out visiting and getting to know various shop owners on Broad Street when we came across Canvas on Broad. After speaking with Kimberly Rico, she explained that her approach was to begin with an in-depth consultation to get to know her client’s hair and be sure she knew what they were looking for. I decided to make an appointment with her.

Today was my appointment. I approached with excitement and nervousness. At first, I was confident with the way Kim was cutting my hair. She wasn’t trying to rush the cut. She was gentle and took great care to make sure she was making smart choices. Then I noticed my hair wasn’t looking right. You see, I have very fine hair with a lot around my face and not so much at the back of my head, so it has to be cut a certain way in order to lay right and not appear flat and lifeless. Rather than brushing me off and ignoring my input, Kim called over two other stylists, and between the three of them, they were able to make sense of my attempts to explain what I wanted and figure out the best way to cut my hair. I was very impressed that Kim didn’t mind reaching out to her fellow stylists for help. The final result was an amazing hair cut that I absolutely love, and for the first time, my tears were happy ones!

I want to close by mentioning how wonderful the hair conditioning experience was. Kim massaged my whole head for – I don’t know how long – and it was the most relaxing and enjoyable experience of my life. Thank you Canvas, and thank you, Kim!

I have finally found a hair salon I’m happy with!
~ Kim Godfrey

Kimberly Rico