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Cabin Fever Drive-in Laser Light Show

Cabin Fever Drive-In Laser Light Show

October 1, 2, & 3

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Coosa Valley Fairgrounds
1400 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd SE
Rome, GA 30161

Shows at 8:00pm and 10:00pm
(Gates open at 6:00pm / 9:00pm)

Prices range from $20-$50 per carload

Life looks a little different this year. Whether the kids are back in school in-person or at home, I’m sure us parents are looking for any opportunity for out-of-the-house wholesome entertainment. When we got the opportunity to partner with Cabin Fever Laser Light Show, Rome GA With Kids lit up with excitement. (pun intended).

I took my two Minions to a 9pm show in Cartersville and thought I would give y’all some helpful tips to have a great time.

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-If your kids usually go to bed early, try to get them to nap. It’s a late night. 6yr old Minion made it the whole time, 4yr old Minion fell asleep halfway through the show. Keep in mind, they can now start an hour earlier for our Rome show. The Cartersville show didn’t start until 9pm.

-Gates open at 6:00 pm for the 8:00 show and 9:00 pm for the 10:00 show. We got there an hour early and were about 6 rows back. I would advise you to arrive early and come prepared with snacks and things to entertain your kids. (Make sure you social distance if you are outside of your vehicle).

-You are able to sit on, in or around your vehicle. Due to rain, we opted to stay inside our vehicle, but I do think the further back you get the harder it will be for the kids to see the screen.  The show will not be cancelled for light rain.  *Note: a friend sitting further back was able to sit on TOP of her tall van for a great view

-Bring your “mom bag”: I brought blankets, lawn chairs, pajamas to change into before we left (I knew the kids would be tired and fall asleep. This made transition from car to bed much easier), snacks, drinks, I-Pads (got in some extra virtual learning time), and wet wipes (there are only Porta-Potties), I was thankful during our hour wait for many of these things.

-You can pull in or back into your spot, so decide which direction will make viewing the show easier. They did a great job with spacing cars so everyone had their own space.

-Tickets must be purchased in advance, no money taken at the gate.

-You can tune in on your car radio to hear the music



  • This is a Drive-in Laser Show intended to offer safety and social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we ask that you remain in or around your vehicle during the duration of the show.
  • Tickets must be purchased in advance. We will not be taking cash or payment at the gate DUE TO COVID-19 precautions.
  • Rain enhances the Lasers. Do not fear the sprinkles!
  • Please turn off your headlights when you park.
  • Tune into the designated FM Station for instructions and sound during the event.
  • Bring your snacks and refreshments. NO FOOD VENDORS
  • Clean & sanitized portable bathrooms on site
  • Show length is approximately 35-40 minutes
Avoid the crowds, keep the family safe! Pile up into the safety of your own vehicle and come out for the fantastic Drive-in Cabin Fever Laser Show! Two action packed mind blowing shows per night! The family friendly Laser Shows include the latest Musical hits, Mind Blowing lasers and fantastic Graphic Effects!
Make it a great romantic evening out or family friendly outing! This is an event for all ages! Tickets are selling fast! Get them before we sell out!
Cars will be social distanced allowing you to set up you chairs and blankets by your vehicle “TailGate” style!
Tickets must be purchased in advance. We will not be taking cash or payment at the gate DUE TO COVID-19 precautions

The show lasted about 35 minutes which was perfect for my little ones. It was just the right amount of time to keep them engaged and also, got us out of the house. The light show was exciting with lights, fun music and animations on the screen to match. Overall, our family had a great night out. We hope they will return again next year. Thanks Cabin Fever Drive-in Laser Light Show!



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