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10 Fun 4th of July Foods That Are Kid-Friendly!

We want to help you have a fun Independence Day experience, so I have a list of ten kid-friendly foods to add a little something extra to your day!
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The 4th of July in Rome, Georgia is always a fun time. Downtown goes all out with their 4th Of July fireworks display. We want to help you have a fun Independence Day experience, so I have a list of ten kid-friendly foods to add a little something extra to your day!

1. Patriotic Charcuterie Board

This is a really easy way to accommodate food preferences and dietary needs! Create a board filled with layers of red, white, and blue foods. This blog post by Reluctant Entertainer has a really fun inspiration picture! We love these in our household, but usually call them finger food boards!

2. Donuts

Krispy Kreme in town has four different 4th of July donut flavors! There are two filled options, and one donut with popping candy on top! Krispy Kreme’s drive-thru will be open until 11 p.m. Saturday evening. They will be a great place for a quick treat on your way home!

Flag Donut and child

3. Rice Krispie Treats

Rice Krispie Treats can be easily customized with candy melts, food coloring or sprinkles! This is also a treat older children can help you make ahead of time! The Two Sisters blog has my personal favorite recipe for Rice Krispie Treats, they even have a Firecracker Rice Krispie Treat recipe!

4. Fruit Kabobs

You can be really fancy and cut watermelon into stars with a cookie cutter, or go with simple uncut fruit layers. Either way, you make them the kids will love the kabob and eating the fruit in a different way! Last I checked strawberries were on sale at Walmart!

5. Snoballs

Pelican’s Snoballs will be open 10 am – 6 pm on Saturday and they have a Fourth of July special that looks delicious! Stop in and tell them we sent you!


6. Candied Popcorn

We love to make candied popcorn in the Cook house! This one is easy to dump into gallon baggies and let preschoolers and toddlers help by shaking them! We usually use popcorn, almond bark, colored candy melts, and sprinkles. The BakerMama has a fancier version called Patriotic Party Mix!

7. Shortcake

Growing up shortcake was a traditional 4th of July dessert! Top some cakes with whipped topping, blueberries, and strawberries and you are set with a simple and easy kid-pleaser! I did see a stall at the farmers market with blueberries and blackberries last week!

8. Cupcakes


The Sweet Bar has some of the cutest cupcakes all ready for Saturday! They won’t be open on Saturday, so make sure you shop beforehand! They will be open from 6 am-6 pm on Friday! They also have some snazzy looking donuts!

9. Pasta

How about a savoury food? Pasta is really easy to split into baggies and drop some food coloring onto! You can use colored pasta in pasta salad or a white cheddar mac and cheese. Penny Pinchin’ Mom uses simple boxed mac and cheese for her Patriotic Mac & Cheese!

10. Soda

You can play with layering different sodas, freezing juices into ice cubes or doing a little of both! You could even turn it into a fun science lesson on density if you aren’t burnt out on homeschooling yet! Mama Cheaps has a simple recipe for Berry Patriotic Soda that will make your kiddo smile!

Don’t forget to check out our list of favorite places to get treats around town! Some of them may have other deals going on not listed here!

What are your favorite Patriotic treats?