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100+ Summer Fun Ideas for Kids In Rome, Georgia

Summer boredom setting in? No fear! We've got you covered with 100+ Summer Fun Ideas for Kids In Rome, Georgia to keep those kids busy.
100+ Summer Fun Ideas for Kids In Rome, Georgia

Summer boredom setting in? No fear! We’ve got you covered with 100+ Summer Fun Ideas for Kids In Rome, Georgia, to keep those kids busy (and also maybe sneak in a lesson or two!). Many of the ideas have links, examples, or web pages for the different places. We hope this will help make summer a little more fun for everyone. Please comment below on anything we’ve missed.

100+ Summer Fun Ideas for Kids In Rome, Georgia
100+ Summer Fun Ideas for Kids In Rome, Georgia

Summer fun: Activities

  1. Bubble blowing contest
  2. Sidewalk chalk art competition
  3. Make fresh lemonade
  4. Pie eating contest
  5. Outdoor games
  6. Family relay races
  7. Camp-out inside or in the backyard
  8. Make puppets
  9. Have a puppet show or retell a story
  10. Go on a bug hunt
  11. Make s’mores
  12. Go on a nature walk around your house
  13. Have a sleepover
  14. Make a fort with blankets or boxes
  15. Read books then draw your favorite part
  16. Build castles with Legos or blocks
  17. Make paper dolls
  18. Go on a scavenger hunt
  19. Have a fashion show/play dress-up
  20. Learn a new skill
  21. Have a water balloon fight
  22. Run through sprinklers/play in the water
  23. Paint rocks
  24. Celebrate an unbirthday or random holidays
  25. Make your own pizza
  26. Bake cookies
  27. Have a picnic
  28. Fly kites
  29. Have a car wash and wash toys cars
  30. Wash plastic dishes
  31. Make sidewalk chalk
  32. Make fruit loop necklaces (practice sorting colors, talk about same vs different)
  33. Have fun with shaving cream
  34. Mud pies or sand play using cooking supplies from Dollar Tree
  35. Water painting on the sidewalk
  36. Make ice-cream
  37. Popsicle party
  38. Hula hoops
  39. Bean bag toss
  40. Stay up late and look at the stars
  41. Jump on the trampoline
  42. Make your own instruments
  43. Finger paint
  44. Sensory play with food (jello, pudding, etc.)
  45. Color or paint (favorite part of the day, book, movie, illustrate a story you write)
  46. Play with stickers
  47. Pick flowers
  48. Sing songs
  49. Paper plate crafts
  50. Write a letter to a friend or relative
  51. Glow stick tag
  52. Plant a garden
  53. Climb a tree
  54. Read Eric Carle’s Little Cloud and then look for cloud shapes in the sky
  55. Look for rainbows
  56. Play in the rain
  57. Make a fairy garden
  58. Play with ice (freeze toys and then watch them melt out)
  59. Play hopscotch
  60. Straw painting
  61. Make playdough
  62. Go on a hunt (looking for things that are a certain color or letter)
  63. Make your own bath bombs
  64. Use pipe cleaners
  65. Make an obstacle course
  66. Squirt gun painting
  67. Make slime
  68. Ride bikes
  69. Quiet time boxes
  70. Build a track and have races with toy cars

Summer Fun: Places

*Visit Rome*

  1. Park/Playground (bike riding, walking, playing, picnic, feeding the ducks)
    1. Ridge Ferry
    2. Etowah
    3. Cedartown playground
    4. Etowah Skate Park
    5. Lock and Dam
    6. Rocky Mountain
    7. The Pocket
  2. Go see a movie
    1. Movies at Berry Square
    2. GEM Theatre (Calhoun)
    3. The West Cinema (Cedartown)
  3. Visit a local fire station
  4. Go to the library (summer reading program and activities)
  5. Take an art class
    1. Studio Siri
    2. Michaels
    3. Swerve: Off the Path
  6. Visit the Eco Center
  7. Visit a museum
    1. Museum of flight
    2. Creative Discovery Museum
    3. Tellus Museum (Cartersville)
    4. Oak Hill and Martha Berry Museum
    5. Rome Area History Museum
    6. Museum of Flight
  8. Visit an indoor playplace
    1. Froggy’s
    2. Mcdonald’s (West Rome, East Rome and Armuchee)
    3. Crayon Panda (Cartersville)
    4. The Lily Pad (Rockmart)
    5. Bounce and Beans (Cartersville)
    6. Catch Air (Kennesaw)
  9. Volunteer
  10. Dollar Tree
  11. Go berry picking
    1. LCCL Strawberry Farm
  12. Fun wheels skating center
  13. Paint Rocks and hide them around town
    1. Rome Rocks
    2. Rome GA Rocks
  14. Splash pads
    1. Town Green
    2. Peek Forest Park (Cedartown)
  15. Go for a swim
    1. YMCA
    2. Northside Swim Center
    3. Cave Springs (Also 4th of July Parade)
  16. Go bowling
    1. Classic Bowling Center
    2. Floyd Bowling & Amusement
  17. Go Time Family Fun Center
  18. Visit Berry College (nature walks, picnic, biking, visit Dairy Cows, Water Wheel, photography)
  19. Cold Treats
    1. Kaliedasnow
    2. Dairy Queen
    3. Sweet Frog
    4. City Creamery
    5. Jandy’s
    6. Frios
    7. Mountains
    8. LCCL Strawberry Farm
  20. Rome Braves Game
  21. Gymnastics (open gyms and camps)
    1. Hot Shots
    2. Gymnastics Center
  22. Visit a grocery store to buy supplies for a special recipe
  23. Go fishing
  24. Go to the Zoo
    1. Zoo Atlanta
    2. Chattanooga Zoo
  25. Go to the Aquarium
    1. Atlanta Aquarium
    2. Chattanooga Aquarium
  26. Visit a water park
  27. Sweet Treats
    1. Sweet Bar
    2. Honeymoon Bakery
    3. Krispy Kreme
  28. More outdoor adventures
  29. Go Camping
  30. Go on an outdoor adventure
    1. Paradise Gardens (Summerville)
    2. Rock Garden (Calhoun – park in Seventh Day Adventist parking lot) Also hiking (behind field to trail and streams)

Do you have any more great ideas to share? Feel free to leave your ideas in the comments section.