Notes from a Consigner Novice

If you haven’t been to the semi-annual Twice is Nice Consignment sale, you are missing out on the best deals in Rome. Save your pennies and clear your kids’ closets, because this sale will ONLY be here Aug 27-Sept 1 at the Coosa Valley Fairgrounds
Here are the date details:

Grandparent Day: Aug 27 | 10 am – 7 pm

Public Shopping: Aug 28, 29, 30 | 10 am – 7 pm
1/2 Price Day: Aug 31 | 8 am – 4 pm
1/2 Price Day: Sept 1 | 12 pm – 6 pm

Shopping the consignment sale is exhilarating. The racks are often packed to the max with an assortment of gently used clothing at unbeatable prices. Last year, I went looking for girls’ 3T summer pajamas and walked away with two princess nightgowns and two cute 2-piece summer sets all for $6! If you can’t make it, send your parent or in-laws for the exclusive Grandparent Day on Feb 5 from 10 am – 7 pm.

Notes from a Consigner Novice:

As a mom of three and proud recipient of many family hand-me-downs, my closets are filled to the brim with boxes of baby clothes (and other items, toys, craft supplies, rock collections, and more). Last Summer, I decided I was done with the boy clothes, so I channeled my inner Marie Kondo and set to work preparing for my first consignment experience as a seller.

To be honest, prep for consigning is a big process. I had plenty of questions for veteran friends and referred to Twice is Nice’s instruction pages, selling tips, and tagging instructions at least a dozen times. (There is different information on each page, so get familiar with all three.)

Now, as I’m preparing for the sale my second time around, I have documented the process in hopes to help other novices such as myself. Here is what I’ve learned:


Wait until you have a LOT of items. Protocol is that you must have minimum 10 items to sell. I probably had 100.

Start early. Today if you’re trying for the winter sale.

What Twice is Nice Sells:
* Good quality children’s clothing, SIZES NEWBORN TO JUNIOR 5 (STUDENT
* Baby equipment and nursery furnishings; bedding.
* Large toys (kitchen sets, picnic tables, small slides, bicycles, riding toys, etc.)
* Games, books, children’s videos
* Current maternity fashions
* Halloween costumes (Fall & Winter Sale Only)


Email your name, address, & phone number to melanie (at) or call Melanie Drummond: 770-547-1676 or Dina: 706-232-7247 to get your registration number.

Purchase Items

What you need:

  1. Hangers (so. many. hangers.)
  2. Safety pins (the big size was best for any bottoms you have to pin to hangers.) Average about 3 safety pins/item.
  3. White index cards to be cut in half
  4. Large and small ziplock bags if you are selling shoes or items with small parts
  5. Scissors
  6. A marker or pen
  7. Tape for any items you need to attach the tag to

Initial Sort: Spring/Summer vs Fall/Winter AND Sale vs Recycle/Trash

Pull out all of your old boxes and do a quick first sort to remove clothes not appropriate for the Spring/Summer or Fall/Winter sales.

Per the website:

“SUMMER & SPRING ONLY for Summer & Spring Sales, and FALL & WINTER ONLY for Fall & Winter sales. The items should be freshly pressed & on a hanger with all buttons, zippers, etc. closed & working. Stained &/or damaged clothes will not be accepted!”

“NO USED UNDERWEAR. This includes boxers, panties and training underwear. All unopened packages will be accepted.”

“Toys and baby equipment should be CLEAN and in GOOD WORKING ORDER with parts secured. Pieces must be attached in a Ziploc bag.”

Wash / Clean

I made the mistake of sorting specific outfits ahead of time, then had to sort them again after washing them. Just go ahead and wash anything not too worn, ripped, or stained. If you wouldn’t pay for it, assume others won’t either, and get rid of it. Donate what can still be used, recycle it into rags, or thank it for it’s service and throw it away. There are plenty of clothes in the world.

*Tip: If your baby clothes have yellowed from spit-up or have poop stains, just let them soak in a bucket of water with Oxyclean for a day and/or lay them out in the sunshine. Sunshine is basically magic.

You also want to make sure any toys or baby-items are in clean and working order. Wipe them down, search for missing parts, and replace batteries.

Second Sort

Time to sort in more detail. This part was really fun for me, because it’s a trip down memory lane.

What to sort:

  1. Girl/Boy
  2. Size – Don’t worry about in-between sizes (6-12 months would most likely be hung at the 6 month rack). Use a number rather than small, medium, or large.
  3. Top/Bottom (optional)
  4. Once again, remove any ripped, worn, or stained items.

Now you can match any outfits.

Put it Together

Add a hanger and do up any zippers or buttons so your clothes look their best, then safety pin any outfits together. I’ve seen some similar sets (like nightgowns and similar pajamas) pinned together as well.

Shoes must be in a ziplock bag and be in perfect condition with the tag inside the bag.


Go ahead and label your items as you sort and hang. I got everything on hangers and then had to size and label later, and it took twice as long. Here is a link to Twice is Nice’s Tagging Instructions with an example below. You get your number once registering.

Tagging instructions:

  1. Your registration #
  2. Girl/Boy
  3. Size
  4. Price (I would say average clothes items go for about $3-$6 each, whether half or full price)
  5. Brief description of item (in the chance that the item gets separated from the tag)
  6. FIRM (written and highlighted if you do NOT want the item to be sold for half price during the half price days.)

Pin tag to the front left side of the garment so all tags will be visible while hanging in the same direction. (I will actually probably move this tag further to the edge so it can be seen from the side while hanging.)

Tip: Buy LARGE safety pins, especially for bottoms. If you can include the hanger in the safety pin as you tag, the pants tend to say on better.

Now we’re ready to sell! Remember: You get 70% of the selling price.

Drop Off

Drop-off is Aug 17-19 at the Coosa Valley Fairgrounds. This is where you pay your $10.  Volunteer opportunities are available, and volunteers have exclusive access to a pretty sweet pre-sale.

Coosa Valley Fairgrounds
Palladium Building
1400 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd
Rome, GA 30161


Whether or not you’re selling, going to the consignment is not just fun, it’s totally practical. It helps if you go in knowing what your kids need, so take a quick scan of their closets before shopping.

Pick Up

On Sept 16 & 17 from 4-7 pm, sellers may pick up the money for their sold items in addition to any items that didn’t sell.

In August, I had hoped to make at least $100 for my hours of work. Between the fee to enter ($10), making 70% of the sale price, and the price of the supplies, I just made my goal. I ended up selling about half of my clothes, so anything still appropriate for the Spring/Summer Sale is still ready to go, plus I’ll add my new items.

Overall, Twice is Nice is a great way for our community as parents to come together and exchange more than just clothing and toys. I hope to see YOU in a few weeks!


  1. Debbi Carney


    When does the Spring/Summer sale usually start?
    And does the fall/winter sale always start the same dates every year?

    • Tanaya Larsen


      Debbi, It’s usually late January or Early February. They tend to keep the sale the same time of year, yes.

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